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For over 21 years, Hidden Money, Inc has provided self-directed account education services for people who want to control how they save for retirement, health care, and education expenses. Our clients invest in non-traditional assets as part of their overall strategy. Investments may include residential and commercial real estate, notes, IRA LLCs and other alternative assets.

Our Mission

To provide personalized and informed professional services that empower our clients to build and control their retirement future at affordable rates.

Everything we do is guided by these Six Principles

We strive to delight our clients and coworkers by creating positive, remarkable experiences.

We pursue personal and professional development because it feeds our passion and our ability to serve our clients.

Our relationships are grounded in empathy and a commitment to candid, consistent communication.

We foster respect, appreciation, and collaboration among ourselves and with our clients. We also like to have fun.

We build relationships founded on trust and openness.

We are eager to improve our understanding of industry rules, regulations, and trends so we can share our knowledge with our clients.

What Makes us Different? 

  • Excellent Personal Client Services:  You will always reach a knowledgeable person when you need help with your transactions.


  • Knowledge You Can Trust: Our team of professionals hold the CISP designation and participate in ongoing educational and compliance programs.